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AdventureSmart Trainer Training

The Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada (SARVAC) will be hosting an AdventureSmart Trainer three session training course on March 11, 18 and 25th.  Final registration date is  February 25th.  To register for this training please contact the instructor directly –

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AdventureSmart is a national program designed to reduce the frequency and severity of Search and Rescue incidents. It is both a concept and an umbrella for prevention programs to encourage the general public to “Get informed and go outdoors.”

Promoting fun and outdoor recreation, AdventureSmart balances key safety messages with an individual’s responsibility for safety; encouraging the public to obtain the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary for them to enjoy their outdoor pursuits.

A key component of AdventureSmart is education and training and we offer a continuum of learning opportunities as described below.

Targeted Outreach Program Delivery

AdventureSmart Presentations

These are a suite of programs designed for children and adults to help them prepare for their outdoor activity. The presentations are generally 45–90 minutes in length; however, the content is flexible enough to allow for quick overviews, to incorporate key messages into your own training curriculums, or to expand theory with practical application based on the audience, activity and location.

Using concise and consistent messaging, a common look and feel, and audience appropriate teaching methodologies, AdventureSmart presentations are ideal for schools, youth groups, outdoor clubs or any organization that wishes to learn more about trip planning, training and taking the essentials.

The presentations are customizable and you can choose where to place the emphasis based on your needs and experience. In addition, key information on search and rescue in Canada, including survivability and alerting the system are components within every program.

Current AdventureSmart programs include:

  • Hug a Tree and Survive Canada: This presentation is aimed at children in Grades K-5. It teaches children how not to become lost in the woods, and what to do if they should become lost.
  • Snow Safety Education Program: This presentation is aimed at children in Grades 4-6, teaching ski hill safety and signage, and backcountry information including “Out of Bounds” hazards.
  • Survive Outside Program: This presentation is aimed at people aged 12-99. It focuses on Trip Planning, Training and Taking the Essentials. It includes information on how to alert the Search and Rescue system and focuses on survivability pending rescue.
  • Survive Outside Snowmobiling: This presentation is geared for snowmobilers and uses much of the content from Survive Outside adapted to winter conditions. Segments feature travel tips on both snow and ice, including critical information when travelling in avalanche terrain.
  • PaddleSmart: This presentation is designed for youth and adults who want to paddle, whether it is using stand-up paddleboards, kayaks or canoes. Topics include trip planning, training and taking the essentials for water based activities. Segments on moving water and coastal water can be added to the presentation depending on location.

Taking a Course—Important Notice

AdventureSmart courses do not teach specific outdoor skills. However, given the content of the programs, it is important that participants have basic outdoor experience and a mandate to engage the public. Trainers and master trainer course participants should have extensive prior training experience and the ability to teach adults and mentor others.

Presenter Courses

While some of the AdventureSmart materials are posted online to increase accessibility to our messaging for all Canadians, peer interaction is the best way to learn. These courses provide additional tools and techniques and encourage sharing of best practices in teaching activities to allow authorized presenters to deliver one or more AdventureSmart programs to a variety of audiences or to specific audiences such as children.

Presenters can choose to focus on one or more programs depending on their background, interest and organizational goals. To ensure quality control, presenters have access to the AdventureSmart website as a resource area for program materials, with support for program delivery being provided by their respective organizations.

Program delivery partner organizations must have an interest in child and youth development, outdoor education and recreation, parks and tourism, or search and rescue. Organizations are responsible for ensuring their members and/or employees are covered for insurance and liability purposes and that appropriate policies and procedures for criminal records and vulnerable sector screening are in place to protect the public and their membership.

These courses are generally one to two hours in length depending on the programs being taught or can be combined into a one-day session covering all programs.

Trainer Courses

In addition to the information received in the presenter courses, trainer courses are typically one-day to day and a half sessions which provide you with the information needed to train presenters to deliver one, several or all of the AdventureSmart presentations.

While instructional techniques, key focus areas, and advanced knowledge of the presentation content are part of the trainer course, participants should be experienced in teaching adults and have the ability to mentor others and provide constructive feedback.