Training – Base Camp Set-Up

Dates:  Friday evening, March 5th, through Saturday morning

Location: Walsh Lake area

Staging: YKSAR will stage from the SARbay

For 2021 this overnight exercise will replace the monthly callout drill and also serve as a substitute for the checkpoint support that YKSAR has been providing to the Frostbite-50 for the past number of years.

This exercise will simulate the logistics effort needed to support a search team in the field.

On Friday participants will set up a basecamp consisting of…

  • 1 McPherson wall tent

  • 1 Kifaru Teepee

  • 1 pop-up shelter

  • Cots, tables, stoves,  power  for each tent

  • Comms system including repeater tower

On Saturday morning the camp will be demobilized

  • All gear packed and inventoried

  • Tents dried at SARbay

YKSAR members may campout at the basecamp overnight.  COVID-19 restrctions at the time will determine how many campers will be permitted to stay.